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Bolesworth International Sponsorship Goes from Strength to Strength

THE teams at Bolesworth International Horse Show and Equerry Horse Feeds are delighted to announce continuing their major title sponsorship agreement for 2019 and 2020.

Having supported Cheshire’s premier, world-class equestrian event for the last three year’s Equerry Horse Feeds continued sponsorship over the next two years will see further investment to what has been hailed the ‘Carslberg’ of horse shows.

Without doubt the 2018 event was the ‘best ever’ with fantastic show jumping, dressage, family and evening entertainment on offer over the five days, attracting the biggest crowds since 2014 when the show moved up to CSI4* level.

Said Show President and Founder, Nina Barbour: “We are absolutely thrilled that our brilliant partnership with Equerry Horse Feeds is to continue.

“Without doubt running a big event such as Bolesworth International is a major undertaking and we are very grateful to their continued support as well as all their help promoting the show and helping it to grow, develop and improve each year.”

Added Edward Lea of Equerry Horse Feeds: “This year’s show was the best ever with the organising team not only putting on a great event but also doing everything they could to promote the Equerry brand.

“From extensive signage to commentary promotion and media awareness, we would like to think not only did all visitors to the show have visibility of the brand and horse feed range, but also those following through social media and the excellent livestream coverage also saw and will remember the name.”

After competing at this year’s show, as well as hosting an exclusive masterclass with the Van Olst Horses team, Carl Hester said: “It is an amazing show, we’re so well looked after, the surfaces are the best and we get the top judges to ride in front of; it’s about time the Europeans travelled over to support us!”

Added Equerry Grand Prix winner, Paul Kennedy: “The show is an absolute credit to Nina and the whole team.

“They haven’t had it easy over the last few years, but they keep going, they get better every year, and for us riders to come to a place like this on home soil in front of a home crowd is amazing.”

Thrilling Finish as Paul Kennedy Wins Equerry Grand Prix

Paul Kennedy led an Irish grand prix one-two as this year’s Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show reached a thrilling conclusion on Sunday.

Paul, who is based in nearby Shropshire, captured the £30,000 Equerry Grand Prix top prize aboard 12-year-old Cartown Danger Mouse to deny his countryman Billy Twomey and Kimba Flamenco victory by just nine hundredths of a second.

Decorated British Olympian – 62-year-old Yorkshireman John Whitaker – finished third with Cassinis Chaplin, while John’s nephew William Whitaker was fourth on Ilusionata van ‘T Meulenhof.

Billy, twice winner of the Liverpool International Grand Prix, looked to have done enough as the five-day show reached a pulsating crescendo, but last-to-go Paul had other ideas as he guided his home-bred mare to victory in masterful fashion.

There were hard luck stories as well, but the day belonged to last-to-go Paul, who thrived under intense pressure and claimed a truly outstanding success, punching the air as he crossed the finishing line in a time of 38.56 seconds.

“I am absolutely delighted. It is a really good feeling,” Paul said. “It is certainly a day I will never forget.

“To be honest, I didn’t feel the pressure so much. I was very calm. I have a really good team, and they had it all worked out what to do, and as I was coming into the arena I knew exactly what I had to.

“This win has to be right up there at the top in terms of my career.”

Billy, meanwhile, added: “Credit to Paul. His mare has been jumping well all the show, and he was probably the favourite today.

“I thought the course-builder did a really good job. The course was difficult enough, and it made for a really good grand prix, very entertaining for the crowd.

“My horse is absolutely going in the right direction. Hopefully, he is going to be one to look forward to.”

Third-placed John was delighted by the performance of Cassinis Chaplin, stating: “Well done to Paul and Billy. My horse jumped great. The last few weeks, he has really improved, stepped up a gear and jumped really well.”

The grand prix brought the curtain down on another memorable Bolesworth, and Paul paid tribute to show president Nina Barbour and her entire team.

“This is a very local show for me – I am just down the road in Whitchurch – and it is an absolute credit to Nina and the whole team.

“They haven’t had it easy over the last few years, but they keep going, they get better every year, and for us riders to come to a place like this on home soil in front of a home crowd is amazing.”

Why feed a mash?

Traditionally, mashes were made from wheat-bran and were fed irregularly, often just once a week. It was mistakenly believed that this helped to prevent digestive upsets. In fact, the laxative effect of bran mashes may be a result of mild digestive upset, caused by the abrupt change in diet. Similarly, the long-held belief that bran mashes helped to warm a horse is untrue; far more body heat will be generated by the fermentation of forage in the hind-gut.  The problem with feeding bran alone is compounded by the fact that bran is very low in calcium and essential amino acids such as lysine.

Nowadays nutritionists rarely recommend feeding bran mashes – so what is the alternative? Thankfully, innovates, quick-soaking, nutritionally balanced mashes are available and are ideal when either hydration is an issue or when feeding succulent/wet feed is desirable e.g. when stabled on dry forage in winter.

We know that forage alone will not provide a fully balanced diet and this can contribute to problems such as reduced immune function and poor hoof quality.  Modern mashes like Equerry Conditioning Mash, have been formulated to provide your horse with optimal levels of all the essential vitamins and minerals and, when fed daily, will help to keep your horse in tip-top health this winter.

In winter our horse’s diets tend to become much drier; preserved forages (i.e. hay/haylage) contain significantly less water compared to fresh grass. This combined with the fact that our horses can drink as much as 12% less water during chilly days can contribute to problems including reduced performance, increased risk of digestive upset and diminished appetite. A soaked mash will help to add water back into your horse’s diet and moreover they have been proven to help improve overall water intake, compared to feeding a dry concentrate feed. This becomes very important if your horse has to be confined to his stable, perhaps in atrocious weather.

Fussy feeders find conditioning mashes like Equerry Conditioning Mash simply irresistible! Rich in calories and essential amino acids they aid weight gain and help to promote top-line. The oil helps to encourage a shiny coat, whilst the highly digestible fibre and yeast help to maximize digestive efficiency. The Equerry mash is lower in starch than many mashes for horses that need to stay relaxed or minimise starch for other reasons.

Mashes are also a godsend for horses that have difficulty swallowing or chewing, including veterans with dental problems or horses prone to choke. They are ideal for disguising unpalatable medicine or powdered supplements.

Remember never to use water hotter than luke-warm or you will destroy all those helpful vitamins you have just paid for!

Many factors can influence your horse’s ability when competing, including his genetic potential and fitness. However, the correct diet is very important in order to meet his nutrient requirements for the Riding Club activities he is doing.

One of the most difficult challenges in feeding horses is balancing the need for sufficient fibre whilst also providing enough energy for his workload. Fibre is fermented in the hindgut by microbes to produce a continual supply of energy. All forage (i.e. hay, haylage and/or grazing) fed should be of good quality, both in terms of its nutritional value and hygiene. Most horses should receive between 1.5- 2% of their bodyweight in fibre. A diet of ad-lib forage and little and often feeding of a low sugar and starch feed are recommended in most cases.

If your horse is a good-doer, then feeding a high fibre, low-calorie feed such as Equerry High Fibre Cubes is advisable. Equerry High Fibre Cubes are ‘Non-Heating’, cereal-grain-free, low in sugar and starch and will provide all his basic vitamins and minerals for light to medium work.

If your horse is in medium to hard work, he will probably need more calories to support his condition and provide more energy. There will also be an increased demand for protein. Equerry Conditioning Mash or Equerry Conditioning Cubes are the ideal choice for him.

Protein is a very important nutrient required in the horse’s diet. It is essential for muscle development and damage repair along with promoting topline and for losses in body fluids. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids, of which ten are essential for the horse and about ten are non-essential. The essential amino acids must be provided in the diet as the horse can only synthesise the non-essential himself. Equerry Conditioning Mash/Equerry Conditioning Cubes have been formulated to provide good levels of essential amino acids, including lysine and methionine. These amino acids, plus the added oil and linseed provided in Equerry Conditioning Mash/Equerry Conditioning Cubes, also help to promote a glossy, shiny skin and coat.

The increased need for macro-nutrients (protein and energy) is accompanied by a higher demand for micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Vitamins and minerals are responsible for energy metabolism, good bone strength and hoof quality. Equerry Conditioning Mash/Equerry Conditioning Cubes contain raised levels of Vitamin E and Selenium which are important antioxidants that play a large role in the muscle metabolism of horses with strenuous workloads. They help to neutralise the increased free radical production which is associated with higher levels of exercise.

Equerry Conditioning Mash/Equerry Conditioning Cubes also contain added yeast. This helps to promote overall digestive health and therefore, will enable your horse to digest his hard feed and forage more efficiently. The demands placed on your horse can cause stress in his work and travel and there is now a great deal of evidence to show that yeast can benefit stressed horses.

Equerry Conditioning Mash and Equerry Conditioning Cubes are complete feeds and when fed at the recommended rate will provide your horse with the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. As a guide, a horse weighing 500kg would need 2.5-3kg Equerry Conditioning Mash/Equerry Conditioning Cubes daily. This should be divided into at least 2 small meals, fed at least 4 hours apart.

New Equerry Horse Feeds British Riding Clubs Competition at Bolesworth International

The Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show has added an exciting new event for British Riding Club competitors at the prestigious venue.

Taking place on Saturday, June 16 at 12:40pm in conjunction with British Riding Clubs, there will be an 80cm and 90cm class for British Riding Club members.

There will be four competitions including a Team and Individual Competition at 80cm, and a Team and Individual Competition at 90cm level.

The team classes can take up to 20 teams of four horse and rider combination and will be run under British Showjumping rules.

The Individual Competitions are only open to competitors who have competed in the Team Competitions. The Individual Competitions will be at 85cm and 95cm height.

The individual classes will see all competitors who gain a clear round jump against the clock to produce the individual winner.

Equerry Horse Feed, rugs and saddlecloths as well as rosettes will be awarded to the prize winners in what looks set to be a great addition to the competition at Bolesworth International.

Said Show President, Nina Barbour: “We are delighted to be hosting the Equerry British Riding Clubs competition at Bolesworth International and look forward to members from across the region taking part in both the team and individual classes.”

Added Edward Lea of Equerry Horse Feeds: “This new addition is just fantastic and give riding club members the opportunity to compete in front of Bolesworth Castle which provides a stunning and prestigious backdrop.”

Also taking place on Saturday, June 16 is the glamorous event of Ladies Day, CSI 4* Showjumping and CSI 2* Showjumping Grand Prix. In the evening there will be the exciting Bentley Ride & Drive competition. Not to be missed evening entertainment from Rick Parfitt Jnr and the RPJ Band is also taking place on Saturday. With so much going on it is the perfect opportunity to have an enjoyable day out with your friends.

Day and evening hospitality tables are available from £85+VAT per person for tables of six or eight. Including access to our luxury ringside marquee, with high end dining included from renowned London caterers Absolute Taste. For more information and to book Hospitality packages, contact melanie@bolesworth.com

General admission tickets can be bought online at www.bolesworthinternational.com

Carriage Driving Stallion Paddy is a Golden Oldie!

AT 23-years-old carriage driving stallion, Paddy had started to look his age and owner, Sam Kelly was looking at retiring her much loved liver chestnut.

Known as Stapleford Enchantment in the show ring, Sam has owned Paddy since he was a weaned foal, and driving is very much a family affair with everyone enjoying the sport.

Last year Paddy had started to lose topline and general condition and wanting to do the best for her beloved partner, Sam looked around at what feeds would be suitable to help.

Sam started to feed Paddy, Equerry Conditioning Mash last year and he never looked back, with the family deciding to put his retirement on hold, he is now looking so well.

Said Sam: “We are delighted with the results, Paddy looks fantastic and is worked five times a week which is why it is essential he gets the correct feed and his energy levels are sufficient.

“He is such a versatile horse and Paddy has competed in in hand, driven and ridden showing, horse driving trials and ridden dressage. He has even taken our daughter to her wedding.

“As a family we just really enjoy driving. I take on the role of backstepper as well as groom and lorry driver.  I’m a bit of a jack of all trades and we won five out of five competitions this season and are very much looking forward to the Indoor Driving Championships at Keysoe which we have qualified for.

“We have been delighted with Equerry Conditioning Mash, it has definitely restored Paddy’s topline and worked wonders for his general health and wellbeing, and his coat now really shines.

“Being an older horse, Paddy prefers to eat mash and I think the fact that he is still enjoying his work and looking well at 23-years of age means that the feed is supporting him to stay in tip top shape.”

Equerry Conditioning Mash is a quick-soaking mash for horses that need to gain weight and condition.

It is low in sugar and starch and is ‘Non-Heating’ and includes highly digestible fibre sources including sugar beet. It has a good level of protein for muscle development and topline and the high oil level and linseed in the feed helps promote condition and a shiny coat.

The mash also includes a high level of yeast for a healthy digestive system and has added vitamins and minerals including magnesium.

Rebecca and Indie – A Match Made in Heaven

Indie & Rebecca Jago

Rebecca Jago and her dun Appaloosa X Warmblood mare ‘Rowesbrook Indiana’ are a match made in heaven competing in everything from Riding Club competitions to showing, dressage to music and British Eventing.

Fed on Equerry Conditioning Mash, Indie as she is known at home looks a picture of health all year round and has been fed on Equerry for more than 12 months.

Indie is a 10-year-old, 15.1hh homebred mare out of another of Rebecca’s homebred mare’s Sunspot Tia Maria. Rebecca has always had a passion for horses since a young age and alongside her interest in breeding horses she trained as a riding instructor.

However, Rebecca went off to University to become a teacher and now juggles being a full-time classroom teacher with taking part in as many competitions as she can fit in.

Rebecca competes in all disciplines from Riding Club Championships to The Royal International Horse Show and British Eventing, with Equerry Conditioning Mash keeping Indie performing at and looking her best.

As a duo their most memorable accomplishment was competing and qualifying in the Dressage to Music held at Bury Farm in 2016, they rode alongside another dun horse with a routine entirely to Disney Music which both Rebecca and Indie thoroughly enjoyed.

Said Rebecca: “Indie is so willing and tries her hardest at everything, she is just a superstar and we have so much fun together.”

Before feeding Equerry Conditioning Mash, Indie was fed straights such as barley and has since seen a huge difference. The Equerry Conditioning Mash enables Indie to stay in excellent condition whilst having enough fuel to keep her competing.

Said Rebecca: “I swear by Equerry Conditioning Mash! It has helped Indie not only look great but perform her best throughout demanding times.

“I am an absolute convert and Indie loves it, she is in great condition all year round.”

The Equerry Conditioning Mash is a quick-soaking mash for horses that need to gain weight and condition. It is low in sugar and starch and is ‘Non-Heating’ and includes highly digestible fibre sources including sugar beet. It has a good level of protein for muscle development and topline and the high oil level and linseed in the feed helps promote condition and a shiny coat. The mash also includes a high level of yeast for a healthy digestive system and has added vitamins and minerals including magnesium.

Equerry Minty Treats Now in 20kg Bag

Equerry Minty Treats make the perfect reward for your horse or pony and have a lovely spearmint flavour.

And these delicious healthy treats now come in a new 20kg size – ideal for larger yards or sharing!

A healthy treat option, Minty Treats are fibre-based nuggets, low in sugar and are ‘Non-Heating’ and cereal-grain-free so they won’t cause any problems or ‘fizz’.

They can be fed by hand, in a treat ball or added to feed to tempt fussy feeders.

Equerry Minty Treats are great for when your horse deserves a little reward.

Along with the launch of the new 20kg size Equerry is also running a special promotion throughout February and March.

Buy four bags of any Equerry product at your local store and get one bag of Equerry Minty Treats absolutely free.

The Equerry horse feed range includes Equerry High Fibre Cubes, Equerry Cool Mix, Equerry Horse & Pony Mix, Equerry Horse & Pony Cubes, Equerry Conditioning Mash, Equerry Conditioning Cubes and Equerry Veteran Mix.

Equerry Minty Treats 20kg are £11.50.

To find out more about the Equerry range of horse feeds visit www.equerryhorsefeeds.com or telephone 01845 565640.

Jake Hits Triumphant Form

Jake Saywell showcased the best of young British showjumping talent when he claimed a thrilling victory in the Liverpool International Horse Show Under-25s Grand Prix.

The class, sponsored by Equerry Horse Feeds, saw a high-class entry assembled, including the likes of Jake, Robert Murphy, Jessica Mendoza – Great Britain reserve rider at the 2016 Rio Olympics – highly-rated Harry Charles and his sister Sienna.

Eleven combinations from 23 starters made the jump-off, and it was Harry Charles who set the pace from an early draw when he clocked 31.15 seconds with Victor.

That time looked like it might be quick enough, but Robert Murphy and Del Fuego had other ideas, with Robert punching the air in celebration after going more than a second quicker.

But the stage was then set for Jake and Havinia van de Roshoeve, and they did not disappoint, clipping 33 hundredths of a second off the leader’s time to land a £2,000 top prize.

“The calibre of riders we have coming up in Great Britain is fantastic,” Jake said. “It’s a real credit to us as a country, and tonight it made for a very good class.

“The jump-off was fast. The first round wasn’t an easy track, so 11 going through said everything about the standard.

“Harry looked fast. I know my mare very well – she is very careful – so I knew I could be there or thereabouts, and then I heard Rob’s time, which was going some again.

“My horse is a class horse, a very careful jumper. The way she is jumping, and aong with some other horses I have, who knows for 2018.

“Liverpool is a fantastic show. To ride in an arena like that is really setting up the young riders for a big career. To come into the Echo Arena is great.”

Christmas Fun with Julie Templeton

Christmas fun with Julie Templeton

When do you hang your Christmas decorations?

December 1.

When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Fiona does most and normally starts in the summer but I do mine on Christmas Eve.

Do you do anything on Christmas Eve or have any family traditions?

Just sit down to a big meal and play games afterwards, although this normally gets way too competitive.

What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Pigs in blankets.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We each take it in turn to open one present, that’s probably why it takes us all day!

Is there anything you have asked for this Christmas?

Rotisserie attachment for my BBQ.

How do you spend Christmas Day?

Do the yard really early then come in and cook a big breakfast with champagne for everyone. Start opening presents then family get nibbles ready for lunch while we skip out. We spend the afternoon opening presents and then finish off the yard before coming in to start cooking Christmas dinner. After dinner we normally just chill out in front of the television and the fire.

Do you spend Christmas Day with family, how many people sit round the table?

Yes, there are normally about 10 of us.

Do your pets get Christmas presents?

Yes, probably more than me.

How will you spend New Year’s Eve?

At home with the dogs, we give the staff Christmas and New Year off, so it means we are on yard duties.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Live every day to the full.


Quick Fire Questions

Real or Fake Christmas tree? Real.

Christmas Pudding or another dessert? Christmas pudding.

Favourite Christmas Carol? Good King Wenceslas.

Tinsel or no tinsel? Tinsel.

What part did you play in the school nativity? A wise man.

If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be? Anyone who offered to do my share of the mucking out.

Favourite Christmas film? Scrooge.

Are you on the naughty or the nice list? Both.

Turkey, goose or vegetarian option? Turkey.