Equerry Horsefeed

For Dave – The Difference is Amazing


Ex-racehorse Dave, belonging to Stephanie Firth is one of the many horses to benefit from Equerry Conditioning Mash.

“I got Dave five-months ago, he is an ex-racehorse and had been turned away for the winter and was very thin, with a very dull coat when I got him. I have been feeding him your Equerry Conditioning Mash which he absolutely loves and the difference in him is amazing, he has put weight on and his coat is so shiny I barely need to brush him.

“I think one of the reasons he does so well on the Conditioning Mash is its really palatable for the horses and they can digest it properly. I also like the fact it’s economical to feed as a little goes a long way, its non-heating which is great as the one thing Dave doesn’t need yet is more energy. I won’t be changing from this feed any time soon.”